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Validate & Verify
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Eliminating fraud with Soyyo ID
Mission statement

Eliminating fraud

Driven by our goal of eliminating fraud, deception, and criminal activity online, Soyyo is taking on a mission of the highest social importance.

At Soyyo, we aim to become a standard with privacy by design, for protection, validation and verification of identities, personal data and credentials.


Why Soyyo ID?

Gain instant trust, and eliminate impersonating and fraud.

Let other people know your identity, your personal information or your credentials have been verified and validated, so the authenticity can always be verified. Simple, secure and in just a few seconds.

Build trust with Soyyo ID
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About Soyyo id

What is Soyyo ID?

SoyyoID is the digital representation of your verified personal identity or your verified company identity.

SoyyoID is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), meaning the individual identity holders can fully create and control their personal information, verified by a validator (the prover), without being forced to request permission of an intermediary or centralized authority and gives control over how their personal data is shared and used.

Thanks to privacy by design, data can be shared with Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) to prove a statement to another party (the verifier), without conveying any information. SoyyoID is wrapped in a mobile application and secured with blockchain technology.

About Soyyo id

Why blockchain technology?

Blockchain’s has great potential as form of immutable and decentralized record-keeping, because of its greater user privacy and heightened security. There is no involvement of a third party (middle-man). It’s a decentralized and transparent technology.

Soyyo ID blockchain process

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